Embark on a transformative journey into the field of retail technology at the International Retail Forum 2025, where cutting-edge technology meets practical solutions.

This year, we dive deeper into the world of cloud computing and artificial intelligence and explore their profound impact on the future of retail.

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International Retail Forum 2025

b'mine Hotel, Frankfurt

04 - 05 February 2025

The event will be held in English.


Immerse yourself with our keynote speakers and sessions focused on the latest advancements in cloud technology and AI within the retail sector. From AI-driven customer insights to cloud-based inventory management, our experts will unveil groundbreaking strategies and share their case studies.


Discover the limitless potential of digital innovation, cloud computing, and SAP solutions tailored for the retail landscape. Gain valuable insights into how these technologies are revolutionizing customer experiences, optimizing operations, and driving business growth.


Engage with a dynamic community of retail professionals, technology enthusiasts, and industry visionaries. Participate in interactive discussions, exchange best practices, and forge meaningful connections in an environment designed to foster collaboration and innovation.


Deepen your understanding of cutting-edge topics such as AI-driven merchandising, predictive analytics, and cloud-based retail platforms. Learn how to leverage SAP solutions to unlock new opportunities and stay ahead in an ever-evolving market.


Draw inspiration from success stories across the globe and discover actionable insights that can be tailored to your specific needs within the international retail landscape.


Whether you're an experienced industry professional or just beginning to explore the possibilities of digital transformation, the International Retail Forum 2025 is your gateway to innovation and growth.

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