retailsolutions: Successful three months implementation of SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR) at Coop Norway

The Coop-SAP-CAR operating steering group has proudly announced that Coop Norway has successfully gone live with SAP CAR in the SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud (HEC) environment. Implementation partner for this ambitious project was the SAP Retail specialist retailsolutions.

Coop decided to commence the implementation of SAP CAR as part of Coop´s strategic roadmap in April this year. The project was scoped to implement SAP CAR with PMR on a new four-tier HEC environment at SAP’s data center in Germany.


In the week after Easter, SAP and Coop got the system landscape and communication to HEC up and running and the project team started with the configuration and customisation tasks in CAR and SLT. It only took the project team two months to setup SAP CAR to cater for real-time POS integration of 1,000+ stores.   


On the 5th  of July 2017, the SAP CAR configuration was moved into the production environment. The result was quite impressive! Every calculation and configuration worked flawlessly at an incredible speed, due to SAP HANA.


Implementing new modules from SAP into highly customised environments tends to be both time and cost consuming. However, at Coop Norway, the CAR implementation project has been rapid and on budget from the beginning to the end.


The project team will now focus on the next phases at Coop Norway’s strategic SAP program which involves real time inventory, PMR, Sales Insight as well as Omnichannel Article Availability.