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Place of business and address

Address retailsolutions Switzerland

retailsolutions AG
Unter Altstadt 8
6300 Zug

Tel: +41 41 - 711 0930
F: +41 41 710 4733


Executive board:
Dr Michael Anderer, Jörg Frisch, Philipp Rohe

Chairman of the board: Philipp Rohe


Registered Office: Zug, Schweiz

Commercial Register: Kanton Zug


VAT ID: CHE-112.592.223



Address retailsolutions Austria

retailsolutions Austria GmbH

Sterneckstr. 52, 3. floor

5020 Salzburg



+43 660 200 1433


Executive board:

Dr. Michael Anderer, Christian Hager, Roland Baumschlager


Registered office: Salzburg, Austria

Commercial register: Salzburg

FN 463936 i

VAT ID: ATU72257835

Address retailsolutions Germany


retailsolutions GmbH
Otto-Kaiser-Straße 4
66386 St. Ingbert


Tel: +49 6894-9668787

Executive board:
Dr Michael Anderer, Jörg Frisch



Registered office: Saarbrücken

Commercial register: Saarbrücken

HRB 16407

VAT ID: DE 254855791



Address retailsolutions UK

retailsolutions AG (UK) Limited
209 Hampermill Lane
GB-WD19 4PJ Watford

Tel: +44 192 394 00 82



Executive board:
Michael Niestroy, Alan Robinson



Registered office: Watford, UK

Commercial register: 9725854

VAT ID: GB 219 6509 91

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