SAP S/4HANA Fashion Management -
Tapping in to the digital revolution to support your consumer demands is key to your brand’s success

The fashion industry needs innovation, insights and a focus on the environment around us. 

We are finding that consumers are asking far more of fashion retailers today. 
The level of interaction required to meet their needs means you need to change to survive in the long run.

In our experience some of the biggest challenges faced by the fashion industry today is  understanding your consumers’ behaviour and converting that to drive your business. Delivering on your consumer’s promise and fulfilling their expectation as well as having consistent business practices for all business processes, including sustainability is a necessity.


George at Asda chooses retailsolutions as their strategic SAP technology partner to support the acceleration of its digital transformation program.


Michelle Howchin,

Senior Director George Technology, Asda

In talking with our customers we see these challenges:

  • Lack of discipline and knowledge of retail best practices across all fashion business processes

  • Inability to systemically expand their footprint either geographically or with new business models

  • No real-time combined omni-channel and operational insights available to react to consumer and market demands scientifically

… and we see these opportunities when using an Intelligent Digital Enterprise:

  • Growth in market share by using innovative solutions to solve unique challenges
  • Incorporating and measuring more sustainable business practices for the fashion industry
  • Real-time stock and data visibility to deliver your customer’s promise and drive personalised offers
  • Only concentrate on value add activities and allow the system to handle the exceptions or repetitive tasks

We know all there is to know about fashion and business transformation, we are not just the experts, but we really enjoy what we do which helps us create and look for new innovations to bring to our customers. 
This reflects in our products and services we can offer you using our RapidRetail S/4HANA Solution.

retailsolutions has developed a packaged solution which has been certified by SAP.  It is specifically designed for retailers and complements the fashion industry. We have built a fully integrated core ERP system that supports the key retail business processes complete with unique fashion accents and pre-configured business scenarios to reduce the risk and time to implementation as well as getting the most out of the core solution. 

The addition of fashion specific attributes and processes allows us to offer you the SAP S/4HANA Retail for Merchandise solution. We recognise that the fashion industry has unique requirements with products being available in various styles, colours and sizes. With trends constantly changing and product lifespans being different for some styles than others as well as some products being seasonal and therefore only sold during certain periods, they all require monitoring and processing from conception through to the after sales and re-use process.

We are more than just a technology company, we cater for the needs of the retail fashion businesses and make your everyday job easier by using technology as an enabler.  We would like to introduce you to how our solution tackles some of the idiosyncrasies of the fashion industry.

At retailsolutions we concentrate on the feedback from our customers to provide a technology platform to deliver your requirements using retail best practices as a foundation. 
A typical critical path for the fashion industry can be supported by our RapidRetail S/4HANA solution and deliver efficiency and competitiveness with a focus on your consumer everyday.