Precise demand forecasts - trust in facts and state of the art software

Today, with the ever changing dynamics of retail, it is impossible to imagine the retail industry without an exact demand forecast. So don't rely on your gut feeling and forget empty shelves or overcrowded warehouses:

Take advantage of the benefits offered by new technologies to avoid out-of-stock and over-stocks and maximise your return on investment.

Intelligent Replenishment -
Precise demand forecasting for optimal orders

With Intelligent Replenishment you can optimize all your processes along the supply chain.

You can rely on our knowledge and experience in Forecasting & Replenishment, Unified Demand Forecasting and the associated processes in the entire SAP Retail enviroment.


SAP Unified Demand Forecast (UDF)

  • True daily forecasting eliminating the need for day weighting of weekly forecasts as in older forecasting technologies
  • Optimised algorithms from its predecessor F&R and big data analytics for full consideration of multiple influencing factors at the same time, such as; price, promotion, seasons, key events and many more

SAP Store Replenishment on CAR

  • The future of replenishment harnesses the latest innovations in machine learning and AI to provide further automation of the replenishment process between DCs and Stores
  • Ability to simulate replenishment outcomes of changed parameters in a productive environment
  • With full integration to F&R for multi-echelon replenishment scenarios

SAP Forecasting and Replenishment (F&R)

  • Optimised forecasting and replenishment for both stores and DCs
  • Consideration of demand influencing factors, such as promotions and calendar events
  • Helps to drive efficiencies in the supply chain through automation and at the same time optimising KPIs such as, store and DC availability, vendor service level and working capital

Add-Ons to F&R

SAP Forecasting and Replenishment (F&R) – Fresh Add-on
  • Enhancement to the standard F&R solution that has been further optimsed for forecasting fresh produce considering FIFO and LIFO
  • Full consideration of waste projections on top of demand forecasting for a truly optimal forecast
  • Capable of daily forecasting for a more accurate forecast on highly volatile fresh produce
SAP Forecasting and Replenihsment (F&R) – Automated Referencing Add-on
  • Enhancement that provides automation to the referencing process within F&R
  • Consideration of multiple product characteristics to deduce the most optimal reference product for the highest quality forecast


retailsolutions Intelligent Replenishment

Look here for a video on automated replenishment planning with SAP F&R


Efficient Forecasting of Customer Demands with SAP F&R

  • Optimise your Forecasting and Replenishment processes

  • Finest individual adjustments

  • Multi-Echelon method for the consideration of the entire supply chain

  • Creation of individual demand influencing factors

  • Add-ons for fresh products including weather data