Successful Retailing in the Omni Channel Generation

In today's digital world, the expectation of being able to purchase products through several freely combinable channels has become the norm. Today, customers have a wide range of options to make their purchases - in-store, online or mobile.

However, the great challenge remains in providing and implementing the technical prerequisites. SAP CAR provides the technical foundation for the seamless fusion of all sales channels, thus providing the key to a unified shopping experience.

The basis for this is the registration of customer information in real time. With the live data obtained, you are able to create an optimal shopping experience for your customers.

Ready for tomorrow's retail processes

Through profound expertise in SAP CAR and the associated applications, we increase the value of your existing data and enable you to optimise your store processes.

Do not just save POS transaction data. Evaluate your customer data in real time.
Use your live data with the help of the innovative CAR platform - Be ready today for the needs of your customers of tomorrow.

The implementation of SAP CAR has been part of our core business from the very beginning. Trust in the many years of experience of our experts.