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Understanding POS data and using it efficiently

The cash desks of your retail stores generate every day highly relevant and strategically valuable data for almost all areas of your company. Do not miss out on information from receipt data about articles, shopping cart, discounts or payment methods.


  • Receipt data render detailed information on sales and client purchase behaviour. Strengthen your customer's loyalty with a personalized sales approach.
  • Which products are particularly interesting for your customers? Use article purchasing frequencies as an indicator for promotional measures.
  • Your customers expect that all products in their shopping list are available at all times. Optimize your product availability through precise purchasing forecasts.
  • You know the purchasing behavior of your customers. Streamline complex logistical processes through better planning of actual requirements.


Our Services in the area of SAP CAR & Store

POS Know-How and SAP Integration Expertise

In order to use the current data effectively, it must be forwarded timely and without errors to the various systems of the company. Therefore, our service offer includes all topics related to POS and store processes:


  • Selection of the cash register and cash register provider best suited to your requirements
  • Implementation and rollout of the suitable POS software and hardware
  • Integration of POS and store data into the SAP world


Through our in-depth expertise in SAP POS DM (SAP POS Data Management), SAP POS DTA (SAP POS Data Transfer and Audit), SAP CAR (SAP Customer Activity Repository), as well as SAP LPA (SAP Loss Prevention Analytics), SAP Fraud Management for Retail and SAP CSI (Customer Sales Intelligence), we bring transparency into your chain store processes. Make the best of your POS data.

POS Know-How


Modern POS systems consist of a computer along with the corresponding peripheral devices and special software connected to the retail system. The data on sales transactions entered at POS locations are forwarded through the ERP system to all divisions along the value chain – from purchase to warehousing. Even the sales figures of individual stores are analysed and consolidated according to demand. The selection of the right POS system is therefore of great strategic importance.


retailsolutions has a holistic view of the POS project. The goal is to provide customer-oriented and value adding all-round service: from the supplier selection through all project phases to the rollout of the new POS system. Our focus lies on the smooth integration of the software into the current SAP backend system. Customised user training courses lead to wide acceptance and optimal use of the new possibilities.



SAP Integration Expertise


SAP POS DM and SAP POS DTA is an integrated solution for data collection and processing. The objective of it is to put detailed information from the points of sale at the disposal of decision makers in various corporate divisions for any required analyses or reports... tailor-made, fast, and of a high quality!


The transactions made in the stores are automatically transmitted to the POS Inbound Processing Engine (PIPE). After they have been reviewed and compressed, the corrected data on sales, returns, payment methods, and financial or product transactions are put at the disposal of subsequent systems. They are then processed and filtered in ERP Retail, BI, or F&R on the basis of target groups.


POS DM projects are very complex. This is why they require a comprehensive knowledge of technical POS data, processes, interfaces, and configurations of the POS DM so that a successful implementation can be ensured - also with regard to the latest developments within the scope of SAP CAR and SAP HANA. These accelerate the processing of transactions up to reporting in almost real time. On the system side, this also increases the complexity of sizing and implementation. retailsolutions is happy to support you in your project.




SAP CAR is a central platform linking data from different sources and various formats in a highly detailed manner. The data become accessible and analysable in real-time with an in-memory technology.


SAP POS DTA on CAR is an integral part of this concept and supplies SAP CAR with the validated POS data. The central data storage unit containing the POS data (TLOGF) constitutes the basis of many other option.



Checkout manipulations heavily burden the industry. They cost the retail sector millions of euros every year, ranging from cancelled receipts, price adjustments, void transactions, erroneous input of empties, or credit card abuse.


SAP Fraud Management for Retail is an effective tool to identify such critical POS transactions. Checkout data are analysed to determine such abnormalities. Unusual transactions can be determined and evaluated within a very short time.



SAP LPA is an SAP tool that also provides a comprehensive verification of POS transactions to detect suspicious anomalies. However, this tool has no longer been actively distributed by SAP since 2014.


For new customers, retailsolutions has therefore developed the new Add-On Fraud Management for Retail based on SAP components. Customers who already have SAP LPA in use will of course continue to benefit from retailsolutions' consulting services in the application and support of their solution.



SAP CSI is a new cloud-based product from SAP. It enables you to make data such as sales information available via app as digital cash receipts or inventory information for cloud services. A standard SAP POS DTA/SAP CAR interface has been developed for simple and seamless data transfer to the cloud. There are also master data services to clearly identify the stores and articles.


retailsolutions was able to gather profound expertise with this product even before the official release. Within an upstream "Restricted Shipment Program" limited to a few customers, retailsolutions was involved in close cooperation with SAP in the first implementation of the new product at a joint customer. We would be happy to share our experience with you and show you on site the benefits of this tool for your requirements.

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