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S/4 HANA – Smooth transformation into the digital future

Efficient, user-friendly, and in real time - S/4 HANA is the answer of SAP to the challenges of digitalization. Many SAP customers are already actively dealing with the migration of their systems to the latest standard.


Nevertheless: the first step is hard. Some practical experience, sample projects, or tangible facts are still missing. Especially in the beginning, this raises fundamental questions, which need to be answered for you to feel secure in your decision:


  • "Which advantage does S/4 HANA offer me?"
  • "What happens to my Z-programs?"
  • "Which migration path should I chose?"

On our own S/4 HANA Retail for Merchandise Management system, we got to the bottom of these questions. We pick you up where you stand and support you step by step on your path into the digital future. For this, we have developed a 4-stage transformation methodology, which has already proven itself in the practical implementation.

1.     Discover:

During our workshop, you will get all essential information on S/4 HANA compacted into one day.


2.     Analyse:

Based on the SAP simplification list, we will develop the core processes of your retail system together. You will receive an overview over all relevant changes and new features with S/4 HANA.


3.     Validate:

In a proof of concept, we will validate your specific requirements. You will receive an implementation project plan, as well as an estimation of costs and expenses.


 4.    Realise:

Realisation of the project according to the developed roadmap.

Practical experience instead of abstract theory

We have tested it for you – specifically and clearly:


In our own S/4 HANA Retail for Merchandise Management system, we have displayed your trading processes for you. This way, you can already make sure of S/4 HANA now. Let our demo system specifically demonstrate the advantages and functional differences between S/4 HANA and SAP Retail ERP.


Your advantages at a glance:


  • Specific: We have set up the entire process chain on S/4 HANA in customising – from the disposition via the inventory management up to customer orders.
  • Clear: We demonstrate an example process on the basis of our preconfigured system.
  • Compact: The simplification list of SAP on the new features in S/4 HANA is long. We show you which changes will specifically have an effect on your processes.


We are happy to pass the experience, which we have made with our own S/4 HANA system, on to you. Profit from the added value.

Together, we can take off into the S/4 HANA world.

Don't hesitate, arrange an appointment today with Christian Hager.


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