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Retailing with a Perspective

No other technology has attracted so much attention in the last few years as SAP HANA. SAP HANA put up the technical prerequisites needed to merge the rapidly increasing flow of data in an efficient and always updated database.


SAP HANA is an in-memory database. Thanks to this revolutionary technology, the entire data are stored in the main memory. It does not only support classic row-based but also column-based database tables. Unlike the traditional systems, it is the first database allowing you to process transactions and analyses at the same time. Highly complex and interactive questions can be answered in almost real-time speed. You benefit from extreme speed and considerably reduced operational costs. And so, complex queries can be processed within seconds, parallel queries made free from performance degradation, and forecast models are laid out in real-time momentum.

Real-time scenarios offer an analysis potential beyond imagination. Use them:

  • in a strategic corporate management – to filter the suitable information out of the data flow: The effects of change are simulated in "what-if scenarios" in almost real-time. Sound management decisions can already be made at an early stage.

  • in the marketing – for a personalised address of customers: An immense diversity of customer data from customer cards, shopping baskets, and click-stream analyses is processed by the second. Customers can be identified and personally addressed through target-oriented marketing. Shopping experiences tailored to meet individual needs promote customer retention and develop up-selling potentials.

  • in planning – for more security: The close correlation between analytical functions and planning data allows you to process complex interactive issues at a granular level within a very short time. React quickly to unforeseeable changes – in a situation-specific and target-oriented manner.

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