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ERP – The Heart of your Business Processes

The ERP system supports all retail processes in parallel to value chains – from procurement and distribution to sale. It is a tool to control and plan all product flows and constitutes the basis of a stable and efficient course of your process landscape.

Manageable Complexity

An ERP system makes complex processes manageable. Still, introducing a new system is one of the biggest challenges that a company's IT department has to face.


ERP systems include a multitude of individual modules, each of which supports an essential business process. Therefore, it is important to take into account that many of their functions are closely interlinked and that they all rely on a shared database. This is why implementations in  one area can always have an impact on modules in the other.


Nevertheless, the importance of such a project on the administrative level should not be underestimated. All relevant business processes need to be analysed and potentially optimised during the first stage. An effective cooperation between management, the concerned divisions, and IT managers is necessary from the start of the process. It is a difficult task, since the staff has to tend to its daily work load in addition to being actively involved in the project.

Reduce the Complexity of your Project

What may seem to you as a unique challenge is a daily routine to us. Benefit from our extensive expertise that we have acquired through a multitude of successful implementations of ERP projects. As one of the few consultancy companies in this field, we have chosen our focus from the beginning: Namely, the installation and optimisation of SAP ERP in the trade sector.

Our Services:


The IT landscapes of many companies consist of traditionally used systems that were expanded again and again over the years to suit the changing conditions. However, such heterogeneous systems are ground for growing complexity and data redundancy where potential sources of errors abound.


retailsolutions offers the entire installation of an integrated overall solution based on SAP Retail. In doing so, we observe the individual requirements of your company. The spectrum of our services encompasses all the phases of an ERP installation project: from planning and design to implementation, change management and even to practical operation. We will still stand at your side even after successful conclusion of the project. Our support program also includes customised staff training and system adaptation and enhancement. With our agile implementation methodology asap2, we considerably reduce the project duration, use of resources, and complexity. Thus, you benefit from a strongly reduced risk level.



Are you already using SAP Retail in your company? We will support you with the optimised expansion of your current system by integrating individual SAP modules, new components, such as add-ons, or by establishing connections to external systems.



We put a complete and preconfigured retail system as a prototype at your disposal, where the main functions of the ERP system can be clearly demonstrated. This allows you to see what the specific implementation needs will be like at an early stage and without need for any further implementations into the system.



Consistent master data form the centre of the ERP system. All ERP modules rely on this data to process your specific analyses. This is why the quality of master data plays such an important role. SAP standard programs offer only few mechanisms that go beyond data collection and management and allow you to focus on a continuing control and improvement of the master data quality in ERP systems. In order to fill this gap, we have developed innovative add-ons for the quality control of product data in SAP for Retail that also incorporate the amount and complexity of data in the trade sector and exceed the standard functions by far.



We analyse the value-adding core processes and their corresponding support through information technology in the framework of process optimisation and by using the current ERP system. We develop solutions on how to use your modules more efficiently and how to adapt them best to your needs.



Whether you were a local retailer, consumer or speciality store, furniture shop, department store, fashion trader, wholesaler, or e-commerce – we adjust the ERP system to your specific items and needs. We dispose of a systematic implementation method to merge parallel running online and offline channels into a central channel for a unique shopping experience, so that your company will develop into an omni-channel business. Furthermore, ae are able to react flexibly to new market demands. We meet the challenges of change and will support you through a smooth implementation.


You want to know more about the implementation of ERP systems?

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