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Efficient promotion and offer management in Omni-Channel retail

How to achieve long-lasting customer loyalty and improve customer experience through targeted campaigns? Offer each customer exactly the products and offers they are looking for. Despite price reductions, retailers increase their sales while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.

Control of the end-to-end Marketing process

With SAP Promotion Management for Retail (PMR) retailers can control all offers and promotions centrally in one application – from strategic planning of key financial figures to sales. SAP PMR is the first consuming application to obtain all relevant data from SAP CAR.


The share of promotions in retail accounts for a large percentage of sales:


                                            Optimise your promotion management!


Your advantages with SAP PMR:

  • Current and consistent information and master data across all channels
  • Consideration of historic events and offers in the forecasting process
  • Use of company owned advertising material
  • Automatic consideration of special conditions and delivery terms
  • Possible use of loyalty cards or special voucher campaigns

Air-Traffic Control: Promotion Planning & Calendar (PPC)

The ideal supplement for controlling individual promotions with SAP PMR: the add-on PPC functionality from retailsolutions closes the functional gap in SAP PMR and provides retailers with the ability to plan (Annual Plan, Detailed Plan, Offer Plan) as well as review all planned and current marketing activities throughout the entire year. Well organised planning and calendar functions via SAP Fiori, provide transparency and a secure basis for strategic decision making.



The combination of SAP PMR and the Promotion Planning & Calendar from retailsolutions provides retailers with a comprehensive solution for intelligent promotion planning and execution - for more transparency, efficiency and measurable financial success.

Overview of our Services:


Have you decided to introduce SAP PMR? With our preconfigured ready-to-use template you save time and money. Experience has shown that the end-to-end-solution from retailsolutions already covers 80% of all standard requirements of most promotion and offer processes. As such, it includes:

  • SAP PMR Baseline configuration incl. master data replication (Prototype + training)
  • SAP Fiori- and SAP Gateway configuration (UI5)
  • SAP S4/HANA and/or SAP ECC Integration (WAKx and bonus buys, procurement, condition contracts, etc.)

The adaptation effort in the later project is not only significantly reduced but also supported by detailed documentation. We develop customer-specific requirements that are not covered by the template approach in workshops and implement them by means of agile software development. During the entire process up to the go-live, you will be supported comprehensively by our team of experts.



The add-on PPC functionality is the perfect supplement to SAP PMR. In the form of user-friendly promotion planning & calendar functions, the add-on gives you the ability to plan and review all planned and current marketing activities throughout the year at any time. With PPC, you will have the ability to plan activities (e.g. offers, promotions, events, campaigns) at a very granular level, involve suppliers in the process and compare plan and actual values in real time. A seamless integration of the solution into the CAR landscape offers future security and a problem-free combination with other innovative solutions such as UDF or SAP Marketing Cloud.


Your advantages at a glance:


  • Overview of all marketing activities
  • Plan / ACTUAL-comparison


Time- and cost reduction

  • No multiple recording of advertising activities
  • Faster throughput times


Future security

  • Customer specific custom-fit solutions
  • Seamless integration in SAP CAR
  • Optional combination with other innovative solutions (UDF, SAP Marketing Cloud)


Multiple sales channels, each with its own pricing functions and different data sources, inevitably lead to inconsistent prices. Omnichannel Promotion Pricing (OPP) aims to provide a central pricing and promotion repository that stores all relevant information for calculating effective sales prices centrally. This data is then replicated via IDocs in the various sales channel applications.


Our offer for you:

  • Configuration OPP in SAP CAR
  • Development of a project plan
  • Support of the system architecture taking an OPP application into account e.g. in online store, counter/POS and customer order S/4 HANA


Unified Demand Forecast (UDF) is the new forecast generation for all SAP Retail planning applications. Using SAP-HANA functions, UDF provides insights into buyer behavior and enables forecasting analyses of customer needs. This is particularly important when planning advertising campaigns. In the future, you will know exactly how the price reduction of an article will affect its sales volume. Hierarchies and relationships to other products are included in the forecast, as are external factors (weather, holidays or price changes). With the Fiori App "Analyze Forecast" you visualize the results of your planning clearly.


Our offer for you:

  • Performing a "proof of value" to assess the quality of the forecast
  • Support of the provision of historical data (2-3 years)
  • Support of architectural design
  • Creation and review of concepts
  • System configuration in CAR and F&R integration
  • Implementation of a UDF project for promotions and replenishment


SAP Marketing Cloud is the solution for personalised customer communication in Omni-Channel retailing. Get to know your customers and address them specifically on individually relevant topics and offers - consistently on all channels and in real time. With SAP Marketing Cloud, you consolidate all information on all customers from all data sources into one customer profile. Based on this "Golden Record" you analyse precisely and individually the interests of your customers. With tailor-made offers and recommendations you increase the conversion rate and convince your customers in the long run.


Our offer for you:


Phased implementation of a proof-of-concept for a pre-defined implementation scenario integrated with CAR/PMR, e.g.:


Phase 1:

  • SAP Marketing Cloud configuration
  • Data-load und customizing / define data sources
  • Master data management
  • Customer segmentation based on attributes
  • Creation of target groups and use in offers
  • Target group-oriented e-mail campaign with coupon
  • Coupon can be used in all channels (Web, store)

Phase 2:

  • Extended campaign management
  • Product and offer recommendation


Phase 3:

  • Lead-Management
  • Marketing Resource Management

You would like to know more about Promotion Management?

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