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Successful Action in the Age of Omni Channel

Expecting to shop through various freely configurable channels has become almost self-evident in this age of digitalisation. Many companies offer this possibility locally, online, or through mobile devices. However, the great challenge remains in creating and implementing the technical requirements thereof. SAP CAR provides the answer to the challenge. It is the technical foundation to smoothly merge all distribution channels and, thus, the key to a consistent shopping experience.

Finest Data Granularity with Real-Time Access

SAP CAR is mainly composed of SAP POS Data Transfer & Audit (POSDM), the Multichannel Sales Repository (MCSR), and the Analytics Content.


MCSR links all data of the finest granularity from different sources and in various formats. It provides a uniform database of all business-relevant activities. Thus, you dispose of a transparent overview of all the information on products, customers, sales transactions, stocks, and actions. Across all channels.   


This huge amount of information is at your disposal ad hoc in the Analytics Content, because it is linked to the in-memory system SAP HANA. Real-time analyses and precise cross-channel forecasts optimise product line planning and stock management. Detailed views into sales and customer behaviour pave the way for a goal-oriented and individualised way to address your customers.

Particular challenges with SAP CAR

A successful implementation of SAP CAR requires a very high level of expert know-how. Huge amounts of data from different operational systems and corporate divisions, as well as data from external sources, must be integrated into one platform. The main task is to guarantee the compatibility between software systems, data, and processes. Such information for analyses and reports must be filtered, so that they can constitute a solid basis for business decisions. The complex system configuration of SAP CAR requires in-depth knowledge and expertise in the adjacent systems and interfaces:

  • SAP POS DM (POS Data Transfer & Audit) provides all the procedural data of POS transactions. Checkout data is integrated and validated. This data of the finest granularity are then made available for analyses or supplied into, for example, ERP systems in an aggregated form.

  • The ERP system is the main element of retailing. Sound knowledge of business-relevant content and the corresponding tables are a must in order to transfer information to SAP CAR.

  • In order to replicate the ERP tables in SAP CAR, the installation and configuration of a System Landscape Transformation Server (SAP SLT Server) is necessary.

  • The configuration of data models and reports is made through SAP HANA. We will gladly support you in the installation and configuration of the system and advise you on failure safety, business concepts, and user security.

Our team of experts was instrumental in the implementation of the new SAP CAR and SAP HANA on the market. The installation of SAP ERP and SAP POS DM has been part of our main business tasks since the very beginning. Benefit from our extensive experience.



Learn more about SAP CAR and find out how your organisation can benefit from real-time inventory visibility, POS data transfer, sales analytics and demand forecasting in real time

SAP CAR - Introduction by retailsolutions

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