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Integrated Omni-Channel Retailing – The Retailing of Tomorrow

Retail trade is witnessing a ground-breaking change. Digital technologies now allow customers to shop anytime, anywhere, in person or via mobile devices. Different channels get randomly interlinked in the process of a single shopping act. For instance, an item is searched online, bought locally, tested at home comfortably, and exchanged in another shop. Although this may sound easy, it is a huge technological challenge, because it is based entirely on merging all distribution channels into a shared shopping environment.

From Multi to Omni to No-Line Retailing

Today, many companies have established themselves locally, online, or on the mobile market. However, these forms are still broadly operated parallel to each other. They are either not or only rudimentarily inter-connected. So the time has come to switch from multi-channel retailing to omni-channel excellence. Individual distribution channels are successfully interconnected in the best interest of the customer, synergies are benefitted from, and a unique shopping experience is created. Concentrating entirely on the customer is the foundation of reaching the highest level of development: the no-line retailing.


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An Integrated Omni-Channel Strategy – Our Services:

The configuration and installation of IT platforms is the basis of comprehensive omni-channel retailing. The technological transformations required are quite complex and constitute a critical factor in the successful implementation of an overall and future-oriented trading concept. Various IT systems must function harmoniously. Altogether, they offer retailers the solution destined to become a reference point in the sector and raise the bar for competitors.

retailsolutions offers a specific approach to develop an omni-channel strategy customised to suit your requirements. We observe the current situation, individual goals, and prioritisation of your trade. We accompany you on the way through systematic transformation to successfully establish an omni-channel business.

By using the SAP CAR Platform and the analytical tools in the CEI environment, it becomes possible to intertwine all online and offline sales channels from the point of view of the customer. This is how a cross-channel “no-line” shopping experience originates. Retailers benefit from the possibility to consider their customers in a 360-degree view and attract them in an optimal way – namely, through all channels. 

We support you in implementing a uniform and converging channel concept. The objective is a complete integration of all technical and process-related distribution channels, while continuously observing customer expectations of a limitless customer journey. Professional consultants support you in implementing your omni-channel project, from the analysis of your initial situation and your needs to consulting and developing, implementing, and operating of your solution.

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