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Reliable Forecasts for Optimal Requirements Planning

The competition for customers is last but not least clinched in the points of sale. All efforts are in vain if the desired product is not available on the shelf. Out-of-stock situations must be reduced to the minimum. This is a real challenge for retailers, because customers expect a maximal availability of products on the one hand, while large stocks engender high expenses on the other.

Automatic Order Proposals

SAP Forecasting & Replenishment (SAP F&R) is a solution that was developed specially for retailers. It provides sustained improvement and automates the forecast and replenishment planning.


Demand forecasts are based on previous sales data and include every single product on different junctions of the supply chain. The multi-echelon process is used in this context. The needs of individual branches and stocks in distribution centres are no longer planned on a stand-alone basis and optimised accordingly. The co-dependencies of different levels are instead regarded from a holistic point of view in terms of a global replenishment plan. The said point of view does not only include cannibalisation effects, trends, and seasonal fluctuations but also special events such as holidays or promotion campaigns. The generated order proposals are previously aligned with supplier constraints, delivery times, and minimum stock levels.


The result? Optimisation of ordering processes with regard to quantity, structure, and delivery time. 

UDF - The Next Forecast Generation of SAP

With Unified Demand Forecast (UDF), SAP provides the latest generation of forecasting for retailers. Unlike the existing F&R solution, UDF is part of the SAP Customer Activity Repository (CAR). UDF uses SAP HANA to calculate forecasts of future requirements. UDF is a component of the Demand Data Foundation (DDF). This provides the technical basis for executing ad hoc simulations with in-memory performance.


Unified Demand Forecast offers comprehensive innovations in the areas of reference products, placeholder products, holidays, hierarchical priors, and more.

Consize presentation of complex forecasts

The forecasting process generates a substantial volume of data. The challenge is now to filter and visualize the decisive and relevant information out of it, enabling decision-makers to derive quick but nevertheless well-founded decisions.

For further information regarding the creation of interactive Dashboards, mobile Management solutions and the implementation of sophisticated analyses please refer to Business Objects.

Our Consulting and Development Services for SAP F&R


In order to sustainably improve the quality of your sales forecast, it is important for you to determine the reasons behind markdowns and out-of-stock situations… although they can be quite diverse. Incorrect forecasts or orders are not always the fault of inadequate system settings but can also be caused by improper stock management or a bad quality of master data.


To determine how much you will profit from SAP F&R, we will simulate some selected order proposals in the framework of an analysis of your system’s potential. Should you wish to postpone the installation of the application, you will still be able to refer to this preliminary work.



We lay out the functional and technical design of your solution and implement it into your system landscape. In addition to that, SAP F&R offers a mature solution integrating just about every scenario of purchase behaviour and product requirement. Intelligent customising allows you to manage many exceptions, without having to renounce to the high level of automation.


Our consultants are distinguished by long-term experience in F&R implementation projects and continuously tending to live systems. We will support you in finding the best solutions for your company from the very beginning.



retailsolutions is one of the first consulting firms with experience in the implementation of UDF, both in the area of Promotion Management (SAP PMR) and in the integration into an existing SAP Forecasting & Replenishment (SAP F&R) landscape.


Due to our close partnership with SAP and the cooperation in current implementation projects, retailsolutions can fall back on an excellent expertise in the implementation of UDF. We are happy to support you with the integration or new implementation of UDF, the next-level replenishment of SAP.



When it comes to "ultra fresh" products with a shelf life of up to two days, SAP F&R needs to be enhanced so that it can meet the special requirements of such products. As the only service providers with experience on this field, we can offer comprehensive advice on the Fresh-Item-Forecast Technology of SAP.



Some products, such as grill food or ice cream, are sold depending on the weather conditions. Since the standard SAP solution cannot cover this aspect, retailsolutions created their own solution to optimise the corresponding forecast. In collaboration with an international weather service, we offer a consultation and technology package, where day-to-day weather data can be integrated in the sales forecasting process…to suit your special requirements.


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