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Structured Data Processing

SAP’s Net Weaver Business Warehouse is the Most Advanced Enterprise-Data-Warehousing-Platform to design your business intelligence system, where business-relevant data from various internal and external sources is integrated. Flexible tools to report, plan, and analyse information pave the way for a customised processing of consolidated data. A basis for well-founded and quick decisions and target-oriented action!


Always a Step Ahead – Real time Reporting with SAP HANA


Today’s world of business requires dynamic and quick business processes. The In-Memory Database by SAP HANA allows you to process information in real-time speed – a decisive advantage to compete in industries such as retail, where huge amounts of data accumulate.

Our Services for SAP Business Warehouse

We offer technical support in all areas, starting from developing a tailored BI strategy for companies, to the conception, realisation, integration, and even the practical operation of the solutions you need. Our service also includes optimising already existing solutions, hosting current actions, and integrating sub-packages for a quick introduction of BWs.

Business Warehouse offers huge potential – but how can it be used best? We help find the right BI strategy for your company:



The requirements to data warehousing systems are changing at rapid speed. Whether for ad hoc analysis, enterprise reporting, or data mining… the introduction of new BI functions is all about quickly reacting to these changes.



Uniform policies guiding the implementation of the BI system’s key processes reduce compliance risks. Guidelines on data protection and lifecycle, binding quality and BI architectural standards provide for transparency and commitment.



Requirements regarding decision-relevant data can change. Hence, lifecycle management provides for an optimal balance between the offer and demand of information, arising needs are answered on the level of information technology, and applications that are no longer needed are replaced.



BI governance aims to ensure the effectiveness of BI instruments. We assist in establishing a Business Intelligence Competence Centre at your company, for a future-oriented acquisition of tasks such as the strategic planning of efficient business processing, a consistent database, and future-oriented development of your BI.

We will work with you on an optimised SAP Business Warehouse System concept for your company. We will define the underlying architectural system and assume implementation of the necessary components. BW systems are always quite personalised. However, we optimise the standard with client-oriented customisation and enhancement.

Since the release of the SAP Net Weaver BW 7.30, there has been the possibility to export SAP Net Weaver BW environments to SAP HANA. Thus, the previous primary database created in SAP Net Weaver BW can be replaced by SAP HANA thanks to a standardised migration process, allowing the existing SAP Net Weaver BW application, including all of its data models, flows, and sets to remain intact.

Integrated Planning allows you to inter-link both operational and strategic data from various corporate departments. In addition to current IST data, history-derived PLAN data are also integrated. Individual subplans, product ranges, limit plans, budgeting, Slow Seller Management, or even a comprehensively integrated business plan are all included in the brand new planning applications offered by the SAP BW Integrated Planning. SAP BW on HANA supports you with an in-memory component in order to process huge amounts of data in complicated extrapolations, distribution algorithms, and large computational models... to achieve better quality and an optimised accuracy of planning in no time.

The solution review focuses on individual problems clients face in the SAP BW system. We will help identify and limit risks and point out any optimisation potential. Our services also include interviewing the staff working in single divisions, analysing existing data models and queries, as well as compiling the corresponding documentation. You will then be briefed on the results in a concluding presentation, and a review report will be the basis for you to implement recommendations.

Do you attach particular value on a fast and compact launch of the SAP BW? By concentrating on one subdivision – such as the purchasing division – you can be provided with quick results for low expenses! Analysing customer-specific data within a predetermined field will provide substantiated reports for informed decision making.

You would like to know more about Business Warehouse?

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