retailsolutions: Upgrade to the newest release BETA S/4 HANA 1709

retailsolutions offers a special service to its customers: the company operates its own SAP-systems, which can be used for training or demonstration purposes.

With the upgrade to the new release BETA S/4 HANA 1709 retailsolutions is now one of the first companies that is state-of-the-art. The release will be managed by itesys, the leading Swiss-based SAP basic provider. It requires HANA 2.0 SP2 and is therefore always multitenant, which means that a changeover to this mechanism had to be carried out before the upgrade could take place. Also, the backup mechanism was changed to the brand new NetApp SnapCenter 3.0., to ensure that backups per snapshot (consistent snapshots of the system) can continue to be used for multitenant databases too. Thus, retailsolutions can test and demonstrate its own software and customer demos on a system with the latest state-of-the-art technology.


“Our concern is to create sustainable and future-oriented IT-solutions for our customers. The upgrade to BETA S/4 HANA 1709 is an important basis for this“, says Dr. Michael Anderer, managing partner of the retailsolutions Swiss AG.