retailsolutions presents Forecasting & Replenishment scenario with interactive BW/BO analyses

Especially in the area of F&R, large amounts of data incur. The useful processing and analysis of this data provides valuable starting points for an optimized demand forecast. Interactive demos instead of boring presentations of slides - retailsolutions demonstrates the technical possibilities in an economically meaningful context.

SAP Forecasting and Replenishment (SAP F&R) aims to optimize the internal logistics of trading companies by significantly improving the replenishment. Effective analyses play a central role in increasing the transparency in the supply chain – intuitive, easy to use, and role-based.

The advantages:

  • Quick overview of the most crucial areas / values, focus on "action items":
    - Service level
    - Inventory gaps
    - Forecast quality
    - Range of coverage (inventory optimization)
  • Visualisation - quick overview of the values from the last week as well as presentation of development over time
  • Support in the search for reasons


retailsolutions combines decades of retail experience with BW know-how and BO front end tools - an unbeatable combination, which we would like you to benefit from. This tool was developed for and in cooperation with our service partner SAP. Mrs Ruth-Maria Katemann is your contact person. If you are interested please contact us at: kontakt[@] or call +49 1522 25 24 355.