retailsolutions contributes to the Deutschland-Stipendium of the University of Kaiserslautern

retailsolutions supports young talents within the framework of the largest public-private partnership in the field of education.

Innovative technology requires powerful, motivated and open people.


For this reason, retailsolutions is again supporting a young student of the University of Kaiserslautern this year as part of the Deutschland-Stipendium. The awarding of this year's scholarships took place in a festive and relaxed atmosphere on the Kammgarn campus.


Selected scholarship holders receive monthly financial support, which gives them the freedom they need for special commitment. In addition to excellent grades, honorary and social commitment is therefore taken into account when awarding the scholarship.


We are happy to be able to establish contact with young students through the scholarship and make a contribution to the "education of tomorrow's generation". For us, the German scholarship goes beyond purely financial funding. We integrate our scholarship holders into company activities and accompany them in their professional and personal development.



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