Handelszeitung, Nr. 15: "Bezahlt wird mit einem Lächeln"

Philipp Rohe, managing director of retailsolutions, in the Special Digital Business Transformation of the Handelszeitung of April 2020, about the possibilities of a personalized retail concept and its limits.

Philipp Rohe, co-founder and managing director of retailsolutions AG, has been dealing with the topic of customer satisfaction and successful customer retention for several years. In the article "Paying with a smile" he describes the many possibilities to increase sales in retail through personalized customer approach.

What is still a futuristic dream in Switzerland, for example, is already being successfully practiced in China. But promising tools are now also in use or currently in the test phase at Coop, Migros & Co.

Read here what intelligent use of data can achieve to strengthen customer loyalty and further boost retail (the article is in german language):